Restoration Process:
Your claim representative will contact us to provide us with the loss information

Initial Inspection Process

EC will contact you and your insurance representative to set up a meeting at your property to analyze damages and suggest appropriate services.

Pack-out Confirmation

EC will Contact you and your insurance representative regarding pack-out scheduling, commencement, and completion.

Cleaning & Restoration Methods

Our methods are an integration of the most up to date technology, processes, chemistries and systems. Our technicians will use a combination of methods to achieve the best result.


EC carefully stores your belongings in individual wooden vaults in our 10,000 sq ft secured warehouse until your home is ready.

Pack-back Confirmation

Once the structural repairs have been completed, we will contact you and your insurance representative about scheduling a pack-back date.

Completion Statement

Our EC representative will have you sign a completion statement, once your belongings have been returned to you.

Final Feedback

Our EC representative will provide you with a form to give you an opportunity to give your feedback about our services.

Restoring Memories is Our Specialty
Our purpose at EC is to provide peace of mind to our clients through fast communications, reliable personnel, and professional restoration services. It is our goal to help ease the restoration process for all parties involved during this unfortunate time. We offer a variety of services and are flexible according to the needs of our clientele. We will work with you on any task, no job is to large or too small.

Our skilled technicians are specialized in restorations ranging from electronics to animal rugs, garments to fine artwork.

The “contents” of your house or building describes all of the items that were not permanent features when first purchased or leased it. Essentially, if you flipped over a house or building, everything that falls out would qualify as contents.
Once EC has been assigned as the contents restoration professionals we meet with you and your insurance representative at the job site for our “Initial Inspection” procedure.

Restoration Process:
The Initial Procedure is held at the claim site which allows all parties to analyze the damage. This will help EC to create the best plan of action.

EC cannot authorize anything to be replaced, repaired, or refinished, your insurance adjuster will authorize us for the services to utilize. This can range from a simple pack-out, a list of specific items that need restoration, or even an entire overhaul of all contents for restoration.

Once the scope of work has been agreed upon, EC will schedule a date to begin the “pack-out” process.

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