Sanitization vs Decon/Disinfect vs Sterilization:
SteraMist is a broad spectrum disinfection and decontamination system and differs in regards to sanitization. Sanitization is traditionally a cleaning process that is a reduction of 4 logs. So for example sanitization would be a 4-log kill or 99.99% reduction of microorganisms. Decontamination/disinfection is a reduction of 5 logs or 99.999% reduction of microorganisms. SteraMist is EPA and Health Canada registered to be able to provide a 6 log kill, so even better, therefore we will provide a higher level of cleanliness than your current methods. So after you perform a basic manual removal of the bio-loads from the surfaces our system can them be placed and remote started to clean the rooms. After deployed SteraMist requires no wipe, no rise, and leaves behind no residue on any equipment, surfaces, etc.

SteraMist Surface Unit

A Hand-Held Point and Spray Misting Disinfection Unit

  • 5 second application time, 7 minute contact time, quick room turnover
  • Lightweight, easy to transport, and capable of achieving reliable disinfection
  • Easily incorporated into current cleaning procedures and protocols
  • Ultrasonic Equipment ?
  • Does not require heating, ventilation, or air conditioning systems to be turned off
  • 0.5-3 micron particle disinfects hard to reach areas

SteraMist Environment System

An Automated/Remote Controlled Fogging Decontamination System

  • Easy to transport
  • Able to treat multiple spaces simultaneously
  • Less down time than competing technologies
  • Precise measurement of H2O2 disbursement
  • Pre-conditioning of area not required

TOMI's Validation Methods

A technique for every facility’s requirement

  • Traditional Chemical Indicator
  • Traditional Biological Indicator
  • Revolutionary Enzyme Indicator
  • Achieving Required Qualification Standards
  • Customizable


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