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As a contractor, you’ve worked hard to earn the trust of your clients. If you are unprepared to handle it, a catastrophic event can break that trust and put your business at risk.

If your clients have been the victim of a flood or fire and need their possessions cleaned, you can reduce your risk and liability by working with Content Packout.

What puts contractors at risk?

You’ve often head that “possession is 9/10’s of the law.” When clients send items off with you, they are entrusting them to your possession. Should something happen to their items, then clients have the legal standing to make you pay for them.

When deciding over these matters, judges often look at the three C’s:

  • Control: The objects are handled by you during cleaning. If the improper chemicals are used in an attempted cleaning, then you as the contractor are liable.
  • Care: The objects are packed, unpacked, and re-packed by you to ready them for transport. Exclusively Contents has comprehensive protocols for pack-out and pack-back all sizes of content.
  • Custody: You are liable for anything that might happen during the transportation of your clients’ goods.

You may not have the facilities to properly store and catalog your clients’ possessions, and this can get you in big trouble. With our staff certified with the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Cleaning Certification, Exclusively Contents offers the industry-standard safe solution.

After a fire or flood, your clients will be stressed. You want to have the answers about their possessions ready. But if they’re being restored off-site, this can be impossible. As for cleaning specialists, we are equipped with Contents Track, making it easy for clients to check in on their items and the process of their cleaning. With photographic documentation and real-time tracking, your client can stay in the loop regarding the objects that made their house a home. As well, ContentsTrack Certification means our workers are immersed in the knowledge of the financial realities of your clients’ possessions.

Exclusively Contents works with contractors. Rather than your competition, we work to enhance the services you provide, and help ensure that an accident doesn’t cost you the business of your favorite clients. That’s why we offer a discount to contractors. It’s our way of thanking you for leveraging the trust you’ve built with your clients – we couldn’t do it without you.

We strive to fit in with the way you do business. Our services are covered by many insurance carriers. Fires and floods can be a make-or-break event for your contracting business. Don’t risk getting it wrong at the worst possible time. Expand the battery of services you offer by entrusting your clients’ possessions to the certified cleaning pros at Exclusively Contents.

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