Exclusively Contents Inc. is a full-service content restoration company. Our mission is to preserve what matters.

We specialize in electronics restoration, the process of assessing, testing, reporting as well as cleaningand decontaminating technology damaged by a loss or catastrophe.

The term “electronic restoration” actually means to restore hardware back to its pre-loss condition prior to some sort of loss whether it is smoke from a fire, water damage or other contaminants.

Electronic restoration consists of several different aspects regarding technology and loss. Here are some of the questions to keep in mind:

1. What has been actually damaged by the loss ?

Depending on the loss type, some or all of the equipment may have been affected.

2. Of the components that have been damaged, can they be restored or cleaned ?

Again, we look at the severity of the damage to gain an idea of the possibility of electronic restoration or recovery.

3. Is it more cost effective to replace the items or restore them ?

The less the equipment is worth, the less likely it will be to spend time or money to restore the items.

4. What is the quickest path to get back up and running ? Is there any business interruption involved ?

The answer to minimize business interruption is to get the systems back up and running as quick as possible. Many times electronic restoration can be quicker than replacement due to other factors.

5. Do warranties need to be considered ?

Yes. If the equipment is new or a few months old you may have a homeowner that insists on replacement.

Going through some of the questions above in a bit more detail can help you figure out if expert help may beneeded. This usually comes into play with higher end equipment in homes or business equipment.

Electronic restoration is not always the best option. As mentioned earlier, the lower the value of equipment the more likely replacement will be the better option.

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