Il piccolo tipo: Nel 1954, il dottor George King ottenuto una nota attraverso il ancora non noto chiedendo lui to take serenity to everyone e ampliare man’s conoscenza universo. He ha fondato una azienda senza scopo di lucro chiamata The Aetherius culture to share with tu gli lezioni di un intelligenza ultraterrena che aiutano di mentalità aperta persone begin un viaggio di risveglio spirituale. Per molto tempo, la cultura ha effettivamente accumulato buono potere da una vasta selezione di sostenitori e amici quale cura significativamente pertinenza mettere un po ‘ mondo an ancora di più godendo luogo. Se questo umanitario obiettivo parla al tuo principi, puoi studiare idee su come servire la causa principale ottenendo aggrovigliato in un vicino sezione negli Stati Uniti, Regno Unito, Canada, Australia, Giappone, Svezia, anche paesi global. Dalla una volta alla settimana preghiera sessioni ai pellegrinaggi annuali, The Aetherius culture attinge a una comprensione cosmica e religioso energia questo al di là di opinione.


Really love in realtà uno strano forza dentro mercato. L’amore collega gente, motiva misure, e fornisce indicando a milioni di vite. Mentre noi forse non di solito comprenderlo, l’amore è importante da cosa questo significa to get human being and what it metodi per essere vivo. Richard Lawrence, il segretario esecutivo per il Aetherius community per Europa, in confronto amo liquido in uno solo di suo sermoni: “allo stesso modo vita come sappiamo sul pianeta non poteva si verifica senza acqua, niente durante il mercato potrebbe verificarsi senza amore davvero. “

La Società di Aetherius in realtà una spirituale azienda focalizzata attorno a spirituale comprensione e funzioni umanitari. People in the culture fare affidamento su una maggiore chiamata per servire umanità collezionando e trasmissioni positivo elettricità. Nel 1955, un visionario pilates grasp chiamato Dr. George King stabilito worldwide spirituale società dopo che lui ottenuto telepatico comunicazioni da un aumento alieno intelligenza. Lui pensava era assolutamente suo dovere esprimere il esistenza ottimista informazioni di compassione, tranquillità, e love.

In questi giorni, The Aetherius community offers una presenza a Londra, L. A., e alcuni metropoli in tutto il mondo. The membri frequentemente legame per distribuire godere e terapeutico elettricità nelle loro comunità e attraverso pianeta. Se pensi interessato a questa sacra obiettivo, tu visita una lezione, partecipa un pellegrinaggio, o lasciati coinvolgere altri recupero rituali con organizzazione|azienda|azienda|business} nonprofit. Tutti, indipendentemente da il loro unico storia o filosofia, è presentazione lasciati coinvolgere negli iniziative di Aetherius culture, miglioramento spirituale comprensione , per trovare un aumentato obiettivo nella vita quotidiana.

“Attraverso il begin, our main dog is solution to everyone, “menzionato il reverendo Oscar E. León nella Aetherius comunità. “siamo proprio qui per provare consegnare l’importo massimo di grande religioso energia al mondo come noi possiamo. “

Dr. George King basato il spiritual motion nel 1955

In might 1954, un messaggio di posta elettronica inciampato Dr. George King, chi era semplicemente una conoscenza di yoga e una trance medium, as he was in his dull in London. A gentle, yet company, sound outside his human anatomy thought to him: “Prepare yourself! You’re to become the sound of this Interplanetary Parliament.”

Now, George had never ever been aware of an interplanetary parliament, but the ethereal words remaining him stunned. He realized he previouslyn’t thought them, but he cannot fathom whatever intended. He spent the remainder of their life endeavoring to appreciate the plan set forth by that prophetic original get in touch with. Although the guy could not describe precisely why, he stated the guy realized without a doubt which he have been contacted by an alien and powerful power to greatly help deliver humankind straight back through the verge of destruction.

By developing their religious comprehension and forging telepathic networks, George heard a number of other messages from the extraterrestrial communicators, such as a Venusian Master known as Aetherius, and that is a Greek term definition tourist through the ether.

George formally started The Aetherius community in 1955. Their purpose were to distribute the theories of this alien gods and lead others down a path of enlightenment and serenity. The company has actually since evolved into a worldwide movement encompassing countless souls specialized in living and loving on a greater religious amount.

You can read the incredible tale of Dr. George King’s life work here. As George themselves said, “i actually do not ask the unbeliever to believe at the same time, but just demand which he can be applied what Aetherius says to their own reason.”

Discover treatment & factor on Pilgrimages to Holy Mountains

What ties members of The Aetherius community collectively is a stronger, heartfelt want to assist other individuals and work out globally a much better destination. Individuals from all parts of society, from Quakers to atheists, navigate to The Aetherius culture. “Our users come from variable backgrounds and with different degrees of spiritual advancement,” Oscar mentioned, “however they all communicate the internal knowledge or urge to-be of spiritual service to everyone.”

The business allows you for beginners receive included by inviting these to attend divine services or prayer traditions. All week long, members can immerse themselves for the sermons, lectures, classes, and religious undertakings on the community. You can easily look up events online and uncover if your regional part convenes. The informative and friendly atmosphere motivates women and men to be a part of the visualizations, mantras, and prayers concentrated on fostering world peace.

“It really is all really positive,” Oscar informed you. “There is lots of powerful prayers and customs regularly cleanse the character and treat worldwide.”

One of several Aetherius Society’s most time-honored traditions is their pilgrimages to holy mountains containing large volumes of spiritual energy. The company understands 19 mountains charged with immense spiritual importance. Since 1959, a huge selection of members have traveled to your mountains to charge and progress their spirits.

During times during the crisis, the culture pulls from the holy web sites to release good electricity into the globe to counterbalance disasters, wartime dispute, governmental upheavals, as well as other real human catastrophes.

“anyone of every degree of advancement can visit the mountains and practice a selfless work of service to make contact with the religious energies contained in it,” Oscar informed you. “The experience varies from person-to-person, but it’s always very good and beneficial. Individuals of all faiths, or no specific faith, tend to be this is join these pilgrimages.”

Open-Minded people Offer Their particular Learning & Support

From California to Australia, a huge selection of thoughtful folks have become fans associated with the Aetherius community and found common floor with religious people that show similar opinions. Occasionally the organization features even fostered dedicated enchanting relationships.

Oscar informed us he met his girlfriend at an Aetherius culture event. She had been a friend of a single of members and attended a surgical procedure Power Prayer occasion because she ended up being interested in learning the community. Her real interest and good attitude caught Oscar’s attention. He told you the guy values the woman ability to comprehend their values and share his targets.

Today they can be joyfully married and dedicated to the exact same factor in advertising comfort around the world. “She understands the significance of serving mankind,” the guy stated. “the relationship happens to be invaluable to my own spiritual development. It’s been a blessing in countless steps.”

Through The Aetherius Society, countless kind-hearted folks have found community and companionship. The organization reduces obstacles between individuals and encourages linking on an increased spiritual plane.

“it is rather essential today within our background to carry men and women together and attain beyond borders,” Oscar stated. “the leader in The Aetherius culture’s theories is that our company is one people, and now we have to work a lot more together.”

The Aetherius culture has Enlightenment Through Service

“appreciation is actually an all-permeating electricity, which will be above brain,” Dr. George King once mentioned in a sermon. “it’s the great energy associated with cosmos.”

Although George passed on in 1997, his essential information resides on in The Aetherius community. The desire to-do good, share really love, and unite mankind pushes the corporation ahead, and from now on a brand new generation of religious folks have stepped-up to lead the Society during the twenty-first century.

Through routine sermons, pilgrimages, and various other holy endeavors, The Aetherius Society provides furthered the spiritual journeys of countless individuals around the world. Anyone can relate with people in this community and find importance in theories of love, comfort, and recognition.

“It’s a cosmic mission, but it’s ready to accept everyone,” Oscar informed all of us. “All of our users, website visitors, and sympathizers share a want to provide which help treat the world through a larger cosmic knowledge of the world.”

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